After a hectic 10th of April, we can now proudly say that the Gápptebiejvve has come to stay. The day got a lot of media attention – more than expected!

The famous julevsáme stylist Erlend Elias Bragstad, got interviewed about the Gápptebiejvve in Oslo; we got greetings from the Sami parlament in Norway; there were several telvision, radio and newspapers appearances – both locally, regionally and nationally; facebook, twitter and instagram were full of gáppte-pictures.

The photo competition we held together with Suoma Sámi Nuorat was also quite succsessful. We’re deeply grateful to Riddu Riđđu and Ijahis idja, who have sponsored the smashing prizes – festival tickets! We have now drawn two lucky winners. Congratz to you both!

The winner of a festival ticket to Riddu Riđđu is Frederik Lennert (with the cutest baby in the world!).




And the winner of a ticket to the Ijahis Idja festival is Aleksi Syrjä!

Uten navnhttp://instagram.com/p/mmml1WRWBz/


Check out some of the pictures from this awsome day:

Denne lysbildefremvisningen krever JavaScript.


We are already looking forward to next year! Hivás!

/ Noereh & Suoma Sámi Nuorat


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